What Exactly Is a Mental Disorder?

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First we have to look at the word disorder. Disorder means being out of order. Second, who decides who is being out of order? Teachers? Police? Society? Our government?

The American vision is selfish in every aspect rooting from it’s beginning. It began when Christopher Colombus “discovered” a land that already had people on it. Then when he noticed the abundant gold that the indians were in posession of, he wanted it. When they refused to give it to him,


he went back to Europe and told the Queen about this gold, and she became blood thirsty. She sent him back with many ships and Colombus with his people stole their gold and land by force. They raped, murdered, tortured, and enslaved as many indians as possible and surprise that’s how the birth of America began.

A country built on selfish greed will ultimately be destroyed by selfish greed. Build a country with trust and care for the better advancement of humankind as a whole and you will have a Utopia.

We have many different types of people in our society. ADHD should be a term for all the independent thinkers, rebels, misfits, artists, oursiders, and anyone else with a so called mental disorder. History has proven time and time again that these people are dangerous to the “system” and they are right. If you can change the minds of humankind, you can make them do anything.

There is a problem though with how society views these independent thinkers. Nobody likes change and these people are full of it. Society in response convinces us to take drugs to put us back in order. Why do people try so hard to conform to such a thing? We are given drugs to help us focus on school work we never had interest in, drugs for making us happier in a 9-5 job in the workforce that sucks our soul away, or drugs that average the ups and downs of a person who can’t seem to find balance in an unbalanced world.

Mental disorders wouldn’t exist if we were to build our lives around our own personality, interests, and special abilities like we are supposed to. Not choose a college major when you are still a kid from a pre-made list that is limited. If you want to be a crossfit athlete, raw vegan dietitian, or be a worldwide dj, sorry they don’t have a program for that. Those jobs don’t necesarily make corporate america wealthier, only you. Your on your own. Every person has special abilities and most never even utilize them to their full potential.

The other half of the cause of so called mental disorders is diet. When you eat foods that you are not anatomically and biologically designed for, you put your body in a state of unbalance. Everything about your body’s health is unbalanced, especially your brain.

Don’t let anybody try to convince you that you have a mental problem simply because they don’t benefit from you being who you truly are. Your are not hopeless. There is always a way to create a life that suits who you are. Society convinces us that 12 years of mindless schooling is for everybody, and afterwards to college where you are then thrown into the workforce doing something you sure as hell wouldn’t be doing if somebody didn’t hand you a paycheck for doing.

What you should do instead of allowing yourself to be labeled and drugged is create your own lifestyle career. This is a way of making income doing what you are truly passionate about and are able to express yourself in a creative and rewarding way. DJs play music at clubs because they enjoy the thrill of being able to lift the emotions of an audience with pulsing music that is an expression of themself. Rockstars play guitar whether they are on stage or at home by themselves because it brings them a sense of peace and enjoyment expressing who they are with words and sound. An artist paints because that paint brush is an extention of their soul which blooms onto a canvas with colors and shapes. This way of income is usually the passive type where you make money 24-7 for the rest of your life whether you are awake or sleeping.

A job is a way of making income where you exchange your time for a paycheck, working to make somebody higher than you richer, is 9-5 Monday-Friday, and you “earn” a week or two vacation once a year. The amount you make yearly is limited and doesn’t change very much for the rest of your life. If anybody has a mental disorder it’s these people to be delusional and crazy enough to live a life like this.

Would a teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, policeman, accountant, or corporate office worker in a cubicle be at their job if they didn’t get paid a dime?

I love nutrition, fitness and self improvement and I do it 24-7 whether somebody is paying me or not. Don’t lay on your deathbed looking back on your life saying “What if?”. Pursue your passions, desires, and freedom. Whatever gets you excited and makes your heart beat stronger. We were meant to live for so much more. (Damn you Nickelback, I can’t say that last sentence without him singing it in my head lol.)

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