What Causes the Rise of ADHD?

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What Causes ADHD?

What Causes ADHD?

ADHD is not a mental disability it’s a word for not being interested in things that bore you and that you don’t like. Who doesn’t have interest in boring things? Why do we make people do things they hate? Why don’t we teach them things they excel at and praise them for that? That’s how you build a child’s mind and confidence.

The ones that do what their told are patted on the back and praised for their obediency of following the rules. They are seen as the smart ones in the academic and corporate world when they go off from college to their big office jobs. In reality these people are

dumbest of them all. They are the cookie cutter people of america being fed right into the system they have been conditioned to be in their whole time in school. They are so dumb they can’t even see how programmed they have been their whole life. Just mindless robots.

They all wake up at the same time, drive through the same traffic, save all their money for retirement, and do jobs that they “like”, when in fact if they weren’t receiving a pay check they would leave in a heart beat. Just look into the eyes of one of these people on a monday and honestly tell me they are happy with their lives.

But the ones who are smarter, who know life is meant to be so much more colorful, who know better stand out with their brilliancy. These people are seen as the odd ones. The ones who are weird, do things differently. The quiet ones that don’t say much but when they do the words that come out of their mouth are pure genius.

They can see through all the BS, the corrupt system, find improvements in everything, have amazing intuition, and have no patience for the rules. The rules take away this powerful thinking because of how dangerously it threatens the balance of the system.

When these kids speak up and question the logic to explore a deeper understanding of things, they are told to not question the teacher. If they begin to socialize and connect with others while in class, they are silenced. If they long for freedom and stay outside longer than usual we punish them. The irony is even more sad when you notice the black barred prison gate that surrounds the entire school to keep you in.

And then we give them drugs to make them interested in those subjects they have no interest in. Then by the time they are adults their creativity and self expression has been suppressed for so long they forget what it feels like to be smart about something, really excel with their talents that were never allowed to blossom in school.

Some ADHD kids are so conditioned in the 16 years of school that they are lucky if they ever find that dim spark inside of them. They accept the life they were told to live, and go through a half fulfilling life accepting their “disability” and cattle prodded all the way to an expensive piece of paper to put on their wall.

But then there are the ones who hold on to that spark. We never give in to the system of a robot life. We paint, we dance, we build, we write, we create computer companies that stand out from the rest, we create the theory of relativity, we discover the truth about nutrition, cure cancer, while against all odds of the world.

Because in the end we know what we have in our minds are greater than anybody could comprehend. No school, no authority, no general norm can stop us. They can threaten us, they can put us down, they can call us quacks. We don’t care, we were strong enough to get this far that nothing can get in our way. The world needs us. But when we, the misfits, the rebels, the circle pegs in the square hole shine our brightest talents and brilliancy, WE are the ones who change the world.

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    Nice article. The current education “path” just seems like a load of BS. I probably learned more partying in college than I did in class, because I learned to interact with and understand people.

    Being yourself is what will get you ahead.

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