The Healthiest “Diet” On Earth

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I would not call this way of eating a diet per say, but a lifestyle. When a person says the word diet certain things come to mind such as giving up, calorie restriction, bland food and decreased energy. The “diet” I am talking about lets you eat as many calories as your heart desires! Oh and by the way the main source of calories comes from sweets. Can you believe that? And to add even more attractiveness to this, it is also the ultimate health/energy promoting way of eating.

This my friends is called the 80/10/10 diet that was labeled so by the genius on nutrition and athletic performance, Dr. Doug Graham.

In this “diet” you eat

80% of your calories from carbs, 10% from protein, and 10% from fat. The foods eaten are raw fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds. Organic, ripe, raw, and whole.

When you consume the simple sugars from fruit (sugar is a carb by the way) your body doesn’t even digest them. They are absorbed. This is the most energy efficient way of utilizing a calorie. Literally the second the sugar in a grape touches your tongue it enters your blood stream in seconds. The other types of sugars in fruit enter the bloodstream in a type of extended release manner due to the fiber attached to it. This gives the best constant rate of energy possible with zero crash compared to the refined sugar in soda.

High protein and high fat diets are notorious for sapping you of energy due to the heavy complex process it takes to break it down. When a diet high in fruit is consumed, high energy always results.

Typical meals consist of 10 bananas, a pound or two of strawberries, or 15 oranges is pretty normal. A head of lettuce mixed with your choice of veggies and homemade dressing is also eaten just about every day. This may sound like a lot compared to the typical puny low fiber cooked food your used to. This is because of the higher fiber and water content in fruit, which takes more volume to get the amount of calories you need. A cheeseburger the size of your fist is the equivalent of 5-10 bananas in relation to caloric density.

The main benefits to this way of eating are increased mental clarity, glowing acne free skin, improved mood, less requirement for sleep. Disease and sickness are non existant or reversed and of course insane amounts of natural energy.

The effects are almost immediately felt when this “diet” is adopted and over time they get better and better. I have been eating a high fruit diet for 3 years and can honsetly say this is the best i have felt my entire life. The feeling of bliss and energy is comparable to a child swimming at the pool on a sunny day doing a cannonball off the diving board right after pushing his sister into the pool.

This way of eating may sound different and strange to you but it is actually not. Humans have been eating this way for millions of years before we even began lighting our food on fire or making donuts.

I had weight loss of about a pound of fat/water/toxins a day for the first week or so. All my muscle was preserved. In fact my strength and stamina in my weightlifting and running actually grew!

This is by far the fastest way to lose unwanted fat and better your health while eating all the sweet delicious fruit you want. It is very important that you read The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham before starting. If you want to save trees and get it faster you can download the digital version. Also you can message me on any questions you have and I will gladly lead you the way to superior energy and health.

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  1. Dr D says

    That was a good read and valuable insight to the efficiency of the foods we eat. Knowledge has been digested! Thanks, man.

  2. Declan says

    Hi Michael,

    Just stumbled across your site today after getting accepted into the vegan bodybuilding group on Facebook, spotted your post and the fact you mentioned no supplements and I knew my question would be best directed first to yourself, and it’s the amount of food needed, more importantly the amount needed on a diet like 80/10/10 to build muscle and size, iv played with the vegan diet on and off for two years or so and always experienced the fast recovery rates and energy levels but always fell off the wagon again reaching for the easy western diet protein sources, I’m a student so supplements aren’t feasible, but if if I knew x amount of fruit and veg on a daily basis would cover me I’d give it a go and see. I’m 5’11 and 82kg if that’s helps, cheers for any feedback,



    • says

      The key is to eat enough calories from fruit. If your physically active i would always aim for 3,000 a day, but most importantly listen to your body. Eat fruit when hungry until satisfied.

      If your having any sort of craving think about what it is your craving. Are you craving cooked starches such as pasta and rice? You didn’t eat enough fruit

      Craving something heavy and fatty? You didn’t eat enough fruit and your body has waited to long without it and wants the next dense source of calories which is fat.

      Craving something salty? You didn’t eat enough greens. A head of lettuce amount of greens or veggies a day will satisy this. I eat my greens as a big salad at the end of the day.

      Track all your fruit and veggies in a calorie counter app like cronometer to gauge if your eating enough calories.

      • Joachim says

        I’m struggeling with an iron deficiency at the moment but I eat mostly raw. My dinner isn’t raw and include quinoa/rice with greens and beans. I’m considering going fully raw when my iron levels are fine but I wonder if you get enough iron on a raw vegan diet?


        • says

          Joachim, iron deficiency doesn’t exist on an 80/10/10 low fat raw vegan diet. Veggies and greens are loaded with iron, and just about all fruit contains it also. I suggest you begin to eat raw and you will see your iron deficiency disappear. Iron deficiency can also be an absorption problem. Foods such as milk, coffe, tea, eggs, grains and soy products can inhibit iron absorption. Citrus helps absorb iron also.

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