The Dangers of Fluoride

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We all drink water on a daily basis and have heard how fluoride is supposedly good for your teeth. Isn’t it a little suspicious that out of all the things to put in our water supply, it’s our teeth that ends up being the primary focus of concern?

What exactly is fluoride? Fluoride is more poisonous than lead and a little less than arsenic. It is a protoplasmic poison that changes the metabolism of your cells. It is silent in the way it’s toxicity shows up in your body. It calcifies your pinneal gland, deteriorates your bones, increases cancer growth, and causes hypothyroidism among a ton of other things. It is the primary ingredient in rat and cockroach killing products and the main ingredient in prozac.

I don’t know about you but all of that sounds like a biological nightmare. Also why in the world would fluoride be used as the active ingredient in an antidepressant medication?

Well for one, drugs that make you numb and docile are quick fix ways to mask depression symptoms. If you can’t feel emotion and don’t have the ability to clearly think and question too many racing thoughts, then you forget about your worries. Don’t believe me? Pop a prozac and then tell me how motivated you are to get off your couch and challenge authority.

This is fluoride’s most well known affect on the human body. This has been well known since the early 1900s. USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950′s and in his post as U.S. Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

You would think if this information was well known people would undoubtedly start chucking toothpaste bottles at their dentists and stab buckets of tap water yelling “You will never take over my brain!” but misinformation and confusion is the holy grail of how American citizens are taught. Just look at how many different opinions there are on just nutrition alone.

Fluoride’s history began as a toxic byproduct of aluminum mining. It costs $8,000 per truckload to dispose of. The aluminum industry came up with a brilliant business plan to save money. They hired a bunch of scientists to research ways to convince the public that it was actually good for you. They created ways to not only make up for the costs of disposing it, but to actually profit off of selling it. This is where the era of false claims of it’s health benefits of putting it in toothpaste, water, pesticides etc. came to be.

It is also the most aggressive seeker of another electron. It’s the most electromagnetically negatively charged element in the entire world. It basically is the most interactive of all the elements. It will give up whatever it’s with to be with something else.

This means that any other toxic compound that comes near it will immediately attach to it. Fluoride holds its hand and escorts it effortlessly into the tissues of your body including your brain where they normally wouldn’t have been able to.

How can we honestly say it’s safe when there is a big label on toothpaste saying, “WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

It’s so toxic that anybody under the age of 6 is not allowed to even use it! And if you accidently swallow an extra squirt amount to call poison control immediately. Poison is poison regardless of dose.

Sodium fluoride is different in comparison to naturally ocurring calcium fluoride in nature. Sodium fluoride is 80x more toxic. It only takes 5-10 grams to kill you. A tube of toothpaste contains over half a gram of fluoride, about twice the lethal dose to kill a 2-year old. Luckily it would give them such blinding stomach pain that they would violently throw up most of it before it would fully absorb.

What contains the highest amounts of fluoride? Just to give you a frame of reference, “drinking” water contains 1ppm fluoride. Fluoridated toothpaste contain the highest amount, a whopping 1,100ppm. Tea contains 4ppm, mechanically deboned meats such as chicken nuggets-3.4ppm, 15 minutes of boiling water in a teflon pan adds 2ppm, and white wine-2.02ppm.

It seems just about everything contains fluoride, but the good news is you can completely avoid drinking it by drinking distilled water. The natural distillation process removes all fluoride from the water in addition to other nasty contaminants. This is the only water I drink, and it tastes so much better than other types of water.

The only types of water filters that can filter out most but not all fluoride is reverse osmosis, deionizers, and activated alumina. Activated carbon filters (Brita and Pur) do not filter fluoride due to the fact that the fluoride molecule is smaller than water. So to have a filter small enough to not allow fluoride to pass would not allow water either.

This is why it is so important to eat a diet comprised of organic produce. Not only are you dramatically decreasing your daily fluoride intake, your also providing your body with the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients your body needs to rid itself of these nasty toxins.

How To Avoid Fluoride
-Avoid processed and packaged food
-Buy fluoride free toothpaste
-Avoid fluoride treatments at the dentist
-Drink distilled water only
-Don’t drink soda pop, or coffee or iced tea at restaurants
-Don’t drink bottled water (with the exception of European water) as it is usually fluoridated
-Order European mineral water in restaurants
-Drink wine and beer imported from Europe
-Don’t use tap water if feeding your baby formula (of course, I don’t recommend using baby formula anyway — if you can’t breastfeed, it’s best to make homemade baby formula)
-Don’t smoke
-Don’t use Teflon (non-stick) cookware

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