Are You Suffering From Grain Damage?

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If you look up starch in the dictionary it will say it’s tasteless. If you take starch and water you make wallpaper paste, if you take starch, water, and eggs you make pasta. If you take starch, water, and sugar you make pastry. Why would you revolve your diet around food that has no taste?

It is never easy to “go against the grain” especially when it comes to the food that most people consume on a daily basis.  Everywhere I go I see the pale, sullen faces and bloated bellies of grain consumers.  Grains are nothing but

empty calories that provide little to no nutrition at all, which are in just about every food. Walk into a grocery store and try to find one thing without grains in it, it may take you a while. And to make matters worse, they are very addicting.

Did you know that grains contain more opium than any other food in the entire world? When consumed, these opiates create powerful drug effects that resemble heroin. These are not comfort foods, they are numbing foods. Don’t believe me? Go a week without any grains and you will realize how addicted you are. Irritibility, hard time sleeping, and depression are the most noted ones. Drug users are also notorious for their radical mood swings. Not just elation to depression, but clarity to confusion, cooperative to difficult, positive to negative, sensitive to numb, sociable to introverted, energetic to lethargic, pleasant to aggressive, and gentle to violent–often in a flash. Sounds like every single person we all encounter on a daily basis!

It is very common for people to experience severe cravings for refined grain products, and often binge on them (ever been able to resist freshly baked bread?). The day after starches are consumed people wake up feeling foggy, hung over, or sedated. It is best to avoid substances that result in such powerful dependencies, whether we choose to call them food or drugs.

The fiber in grains is a health destroyer. Our delicate digestion system requires the soft, soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Grain’s fiber, however, is coarse and sharp like finely ground glass, scraping the walls of the GI tract all the way through. It is such an irittant to the GI tract that your body creates a thick mucus wall in response to the damage from grains.

The list of health problems associated with eating grains is long. Asthma, allergies, gluten intolerance, celiac disease, digestive disturbances, mucous and congestive conditions, yeast infections, several types of arthritis, several types of autoimmune disease,  and even chronic overeating are all linked to the consumption of grains. Many sufferers of nasal congestion, asthma and allergies are pleased to discover that their symptoms are relieved once they embark upon a starch-free diet.

How did grains come to be in the first place? Paleontologists have recorded that humans have been walking the Earth for nearly ten million years without any use of grains. We consumed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for this time before any grains or meat was even a thought. We have only been cultivating grains for the past ten thousand years, approximately the same period during which we have used fire. Grains are very new in the timeline of humans.

Have weight problems? Eliminating grains from your diet will guarantee weight loss. Every person has a “sweet tooth”. We are satiated by the rise of blood sugar when we eat. This unique feature makes it almost impossible to overeat on fruit. Remember when your mother used to discourage you from eating sweets before dinner because it would ruin your appetite? Our bodies convert any extra complex carbohydrate calories (starch from grains) to fat. Starch consumption does not result in loss of appetite though making it easy to over eat on them. Since there is no rapid rise in blood sugar from the consumption of the slow to digest starches, the only way one feels satiated is to eat until stuffed.

Next time have fruit! Increasing your consumption of whole, ripe, raw, organic fruits in your diet will yield you huge health and performance benefits. You will find yourself less dependent on grains also. Reverse your grain damage!


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    • RK @ Rajkumar says

      It’s Gluten right?? Gluten can hurt people’s organs and poor health. Yes there are a lot of gluten foods including meats and chicken and drinks including beers. That is why I got very sick for almost 1 year. So I had to return to stay in Singapore for almost three months and a few weeks. I am very happy now and health returns much better after researching to find out more about gluten to no gluten. For since Sept 2013, I am using gluten free. I also thanked my friend who is a chiropractor from Canada.

      • says

        Corn and rice are gluten-free but they are still grains. I think this article is against grains, not gluten. I feel the evidence is inconclusive, though. However, fruits are clearly supreme.

        • Michael Conaway says

          Gluten has it’s own list of health problems so it by itself isn’t healthy either. The evidence is very conclusive.

  1. says

    Nice article, Michael. Well done :) Grains were definitely the most difficult thing for me to let go of on this lifestyle. But once I did I felt a million percent better. Said goodbye to lethargy, headaches, skin rashes – all sorts of ills which I was so glad to say ‘good riddance!’ to.

    • Michael Conaway says

      I can definitely relate to you on that one! Man I used to be a rice-a-holic hardcore, couldn’t break free from the stuff! But once I replaced my salt cravings with greens I was free!

  2. Maryn Knevitt says

    Whilst I agree that grains are not optimal and could never compare to fruit, stating that they provide little to no nutrition at all is simply false and misleading. The nutritional profiles of brown rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa and millet are rich in vitamins and minerals.

    I’m a fruitarian and don’t personally comsume them, but really do not agree with demonising grains in the raw food world and comparing them to opioids. It’s scaremongering!!

    • Michael Conaway says

      Vitamins are heat sensitive. The second you cook them they are all destroyed. Grains also are acidic to the body and leech calcium reserves from the bones. Cooked starches are far less nutritious than whole fruit. How can you be pro grains in the raw food world? Do you eat raw starch? I am also not comparing them to opioids, they have opioids.

  3. Maryn Knevitt says

    I am educated enough about grains to understand the pros and cons regarding acidity, heat damage and addictive properties. They do not contain opioids. Some grains, primarily wheat and rice, have ‘opioid’ like properties. They act upon the same brain receptors, produce exorphins, but not in the same way true opioids do. They are not as addictive as heroin. I’ve taken heroin and it is a completely different kettle of fish. Heating them does not destroy all the nutrients.

    I don’t eat raw starch. My diet is primarily fruit, greens and certain nuts and seeds. I eat a large amount of fruit. Check my Instagram @bananaboymaryn

    I am not pro grain. I am not anti grain. I am pro vegan. Not everyone will eat the way you or I do, even though I too believe it is optimal. Are you simply offering advice for those that are already vegan and nearly all raw? That is a small demographic. Alienating everyone else who might be transitioning might not be wise. Elitism will only help a select priviledged few!

    • Michael Conaway says

      I merely provide advice for everybody no matter what they eat. There is misinformation all over the place when it comes to mainstream nutrition and I clear it up as much as possible. I am definitely not alienating anybody, everybody is welcome. Everybody agrees fruit, veggies and greens are the healthiest foods on earth. This is why I tell people to incorporate as much of these foods as possible instead of telling them to be 100% low fat raw vegan immediately or don’t bother. The information you have told me is very informative and we all learn something from each other when we share. Thank you!

  4. Peter says

    Now I really don’t see the point. First they say NO MEAT, and we could still understand the the ethics, logic and science behind it. Now they even go further and say NO WHEAT ? Come on . . . give us a break. What else and what next – NO EAT ?

    • Michael Conaway says

      lol I educate people about the foods that we are anatomically and physiologically designed for. Animal products and grains are not one of them. Although grains are less damaging to eat than meat and dairy, fruit is always optimal. People can move at their own pace towards health that they are comfortable doing, but people need to know the facts. They can take what they please from it and apply it any way this is beneficial to them.

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